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Are You Ready To Be CIPC Compliant?

As the maximum dose rates for CIPC have been decreasing under the ‘Be CIPC Compliant’ campaign since 2012 from the maximum level that was originally 63.5g/tonne. The CIPC Stewardship Group announced in August 2015 that the new legal limits for the 2015-2016 season would be 30g/tonne for the fresh market and 50g/tonne for the processing, this included peeling and fish and chip shops.

For the 2016/17 season it is expected that the new legal limits for total dose will be 42g/tonne for the processing sector and 24g/tonne for the fresh market. This will be strictly controlled. “It is likely that statutory label requirements further limit the dose used on crops stored for the fresh market,” said Dr Storey (Chair of the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group).

Secretary of the CIPC Stewardship Group, Adrian Briddon highlights best practice, in line with Red Tractor Farm Assurance, is just one application in cold stores before the temperature falls below 7°C.

It is expected that each season the maximum CIPC application rate is being reduced as a response to industry concerns surrounding exceedances in stored potatoes. So in 2018, the total dosage will drop to 36g/tonne.

*£1.10 per tonne*

What Are The Alternatives?
As a result, many in the industry are actively seeking alternative sprout suppressants that offer the same level of effectiveness as CIPC.

Many of the new sprout suppressants form vapour in store and require longer store closure periods after application to ensure complete uptake of products. In some cases the minimum requirement can be 24 hours. Because these new products tend to be more dynamic, this could mean applications need to be more frequent.

Fazor (Maleic Hydrazide)
Best Use Advice: To optimise coverage and translocation, Fazor should be applied to potatoes at 5 Kg/ha in 350 – 500 L/ha of water.

Do not apply Fazor under drought conditions or where temperatures exceed 26°C.
Crops should not be irrigated within 24 hours of application and avoid spraying if rainfall is expected within this time.
Consult processors/supermarkets for use on crops destined for them.

Key Benefits: Can be used on all second early and maincrop varieties that are not being grown for seed. However it is not approved for use on early potato varieties.
There are no withholding periods for Fazor treated potatoes they can be sold at any time after lifting.

Applied pre-harvest as a single application, Fazor can delay sprouting in stored potatoes and suppress volunteer potatoes in the succeeding crop – volunteer potatoes act as a disease and pest bridge.

Best Use Advice: Introduced into the storage after the potatoes have cured (skin set). Table potatoes need a slow start with limited exposure to the ethylene gas.

The Restrain Generator is factory pre-set to maintain the required level of ethylene concentration. The various concentrations required during the storage are controlled by the Restrain Sensor, which is placed in the air flow on top of the potatoes and signals to the generator if it requires more ethylene gas.

Limited to pre-pack potato storage due to increases in sugar concentration of tubers, which have a negative effect on processing quality.

*Its application in processing storage is subject to on-going AHDB supported research at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research (SBCSR), primarily to overcome any unwanted effect on fry colour.*

Key Benefits: Acts as an inhibitor of sprouting in long term storage of potatoes, leaving no chemical residues on the surface of the produce after treatment.

Spreads through the whole crop – It does not matter if you store bulk, in big bags, or in wooden boxes.
Saves energy.

Spearmint Oil
**£3.60, 60 ml/tonne**
Best Use Advice: Distributed as fog

Key Benefits: As well as being an effective sprout suppressant, spearmint oil can rapidly burn back existing sprouts.

Spearmint is not to be used on processing crops due to increasing sugars.

Use is increasing in pre-pack stores.

** Always refer to and consult your agronomist **
** These are suggested prices and should only be used as a guide **