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Chipping, Peeling & Processing


Working closely with some of the largest processing customers in the UK, we supply a wide range of varieties and sizes to fit the customers requirement. We supply mainstream varieties on contract and free buy such as Maris Bard, Accord and Amora for the early market throughout July and August to Maris Piper, Ramos, Fontane and others from September to June. We have committed growers throughout the country growing these crops, some from the seed that WCM produces here in Yorkshire.


If you are growing potatoes unless you are very lucky there will always be a part of your crop that will need to go to the peelers, whether it is washed or dirty out grades, mids or just a crop that didn’t meet any other customers requirement there is always a job for each part of the crop. We have two large peeling factories within a 20 mile radius of most WCM growers making us an ideal supplier reducing transport costs and emissions. Within WCM’s large grower database we have specific growers we rely on to supply us with high quality chipping material in bags. We start in Cheshire through June and July with Bard and Accord and then move to Yorkshire where we grow a significant amount of Sagitta, Ramos, Fontane and other similar varieties that suit the chipping bag trade. Orders are taken early in the morning and passed on to our growers so delivery can be made later that day or throughout the night.


If you are interested in growing or being supplied with processing material please use the contact information below, or use our Contact Us page.


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